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Lost in translation

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It is up to us

Why is life so complicated... and unpredictable?
I have been looking for something so desperately and now when i could get it I just have to say no. Because I can't accept it. Not right now.
I wish it happened in 1 and half a year!
I would be looking for a permanent job and that would be a perfect start: coordinator or photo editor at Elle magazine. I am 23 and doing Uni 24/7 (ok, almost) .. just can not afford to take a full time job and not finish what is.. a must. It sounds sooo good though!!! Ahhhh!
Anyway, don't cry! I have other plans which are even more exciting! I wanna go to Sydney from September to do my practice semester at an Australian mag!! :) Pls, pls help me to be able to make it!!!! It would mean so much to me! Not only because that would be a great experience and fun, but because I would see my sweet boyfriend who I miss so much since we haven't seen each other for 3 months (in 45mins) exactly!!
Life is so cruel.. sometimes I really feel like I can't do it anymore, but on another day when I wake up in my bed I just feel everything so close.. so easily attainable.. so cheerful..
Something makes me keep on doing. I can not stop.
I beleive in destiny but I also beleive that we choose our life.. we choose what we are suffering from, what we hate so much, what we have to deal with day by day..
This is our life and we could change it in a minute. But do we really want to?


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